Explore the Culture, Adventure and Impact of Martial Arts. This is a community of some of the finest and sharpest martial artists, in the world.

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What makes this Martial Arts program different? It is real stories and research, throughout the course of history that has given shape to modern martial arts.

TW. Smith

Perhaps most importantly, this podcast positions Academics in the program. Putting a voice to their hard labor. Nothing compares to the ‘Boots on the Ground’ work that makes ‘The Study of Martial Arts Matter‘.

Professor Ben Judkins

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Regardless of the style that you train, I believe you will find content that is educational, inspiring, instructive, and occassionaly, even entertaining.

Occassionaly, I will have on selected international personalities, that will share their experiences and perspectives.

Iain Abernethy and Myself

Video Clips of some practices. More detailed instructional videos on 1 of 5 Chinese Martial Art Styles.

Special Operations

There will be times that I make a call for special circumstances in our Martial Arts Community. Such as when we raised money for Steve Baskis to continue with his Wing Chun Training.

Operation Baskis