KFP 161 – WhistleKick’s Jeremy Lesniak Interviews TW. Smith

I had the opportunity to listen to this episode on the way to work this morning and it was a welcome start to the day. Among the many great guests you have had on, this one & Jesse Enkamp have been my favorites. As a student of the Chinese martial arts myself i saw much of my own journey & many of Shifu’s ideas resonated with me. I look forward to listening to some episodes of his podcast as soon as i have the chance. Thank you for the work you are doing for the community. All the best.” – Trey

Over the past year, I had the opportunity to get introduced to Jeremy at WhistleKick.  I found him to be extraordinarily sincere, polite and professional.  In fact, I plan to have WhistleKick print some KungFu Podcast Tshirts.

You can download the entire transcript of the interview as well.

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