Train Like You Want Something

There is a Big Difference Between “Doing the Right Things” and “Doing the Right Things For a Reason”.

When You Add ‘Purpose’ behind your training. You go from swinging a significant wooden mallet, to swinging a life changing steel hammer. Things change fast.

Recently I have put more purpose in my training. Which means I have some very specific things I am looking to change. This has always been very beneficial for my development.

However, I have to watch out that I don’t go too far. I can go from ‘driven with purpose’, to ‘obsessed with results’ if not careful. This has always been my slippery path.

Either way though, there is nothing quite like having a fire that you want something, and somehow you are going to get it.

Have a Great Practice Today! Enjoy the small summer Workout videos.


When You Train Hard and have playful tests, all your skills and flaws come to the surface. When you laugh at the end, you bring youthfulness to your your heart.

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