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Here is a list of some of the works in the KungFu Podcast Library which continues to grow every week.

KungFu Arrives in New York
The First Ship in NY that was directly from China landed in 1847. The boat had practically been stolen, the men kidnapped, and forced to perform ‘martial arts’. Even Charles Dickens wrote about it.

3 Perspectives of Teaching
The Painter, The Teacher and The Bonsai

Train Like You Want Something
Workout Video and the Summer Sword Battle Video

Find The Archer Inside
Vlog Post

The Martial Arts Teacher Book Review
A Practical Guide to a Noble Path

Real and Fake Empowerment – 2 Parts

Martial Arts is my Sword, Shield and Pen
Interview with Tasha

Interview Jamie Clubb

In Defense of Getting Strong Zoomba
Martial Movement to Music?

Martial Mind Over Muscle
Observatory Continuity

Martial Action vs Movement

The Primary Source of Ming Martial Artists
150 Years of One Family

3 Paths to Authentic Chinese Martial Arts – 2 Parts
Do You Have a Map to Navigate the Past

Re-Evaluating the Theater of Combat – 2 Parts
The Tip of Spear of Modern Scholastic Debate

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8 Reasons Martial Artists Make Unique Clinical Patients

The Origin Point of Self Defense Training
Realistic Points to Consider Self Defense

Martial Arts Style vs Practical Skill
Style Points vs Practicality

Show, Don’t Tell – Making Martial Arts Study Matter
Prof. Ben Judkins Keynote

WhistleKick Interview – TW Smith
Guest of Jeremy Lesniak

Master at Arms – 2 Parts
Boy Scout Martial Arts

Commanding The Physical Confrontation
Martial Arts Formulas

Metaphorical Tools and One Standard for Martial Artists

Christianity Meets Martial Arts
How Much Can You Look Like a Martial Artist and Call Yourself A Christian

Tao of Judo Audiobook


Saving Traditional Judo – 2 Parts 

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First Hand Account of 1918 Martial Arts
Chinese Labor Corp in WW1

Martial Mind : Identity, Well-Being and Spirit
Walk the Path

Power Up Your Martial Arts with Imagery Training

Arresting the Shadows – 2 Parts

Okinawain Karate 1950’s Thru Today – 2 Parts
Interview with USMC Retired / Hanshi Doug Perry

Decision Calistenthenics
How to Train Your Strategic Reflexes

One Yard Rule
Peter Consterdine

bubishi, martial arts, kungfu, karate

The WuBei Zhi
Bubishi : Return to Its Roots Pt 5 : 

Ryukyu House
Bubishi : Return to Its Roots Pt 4:

Chinese Martial Arts Training Manual
Bubishi : Return to Its Roots Part 3

bubishi pt 2 martial arts

The Creators and The Creation in Martial Arts
Bubishi : Return to Its Roots Part 2

Finding the Fixed Points on a 3D Martial Map
Bubishi : Return to Its Roots Part 1

The Father of Close Quarter Combat – 2 Parts
William Fairbairn Biographical Sketch Part 2

10 Fundamentals of Starting Your Martial Arts School

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Martial Arts Skill is Not the Epiphenomenon of Philosophical Theory
The Impact of Sun Lu Tang Pt 5

Sun’s Theoretical Legacy vs His Martial Arts Legacy 
The Impact of Sun Lu Tang Pt 4

The Myths of Indoor Students and Secret Martial Arts Instruction
The Impact of Sun Lu Tang Pt 3

Child Abuse Has Sun LuTang Begging to Learn Martial Arts
The Impact of Sun Lu Tang Pt 2

Changing the Course of Chinese Martial Arts
The Impact of Sun Lu Tang Pt 1

5 Factors When Choosing a Martial Arts School
Children Cutting Weight for Martial Arts Tournaments

3 Fundamentals Training Jamie Clubb 2 Parts

Creative Alternatives to Facilities 5 Sections of Discipline

5 Bad to the Bone Men in a HardCore City
Bad Cities Don’t Just Happen

The Impact of Martial Arts on the Development of the Shaolin Temple Comparing the Impact of Martial Arts on 2 Iconic Places : Pt 2

The Impact of Martial Arts on the Development of the Chen Village
Comparing the Impact of Martial Arts on 2 Iconic Places

10 Reasons Not to Miss Martial Arts Practices

The Native Language of Okinawan Karate and Kubodo

How is KungFu Podcasts Serving the Martial Arts

Martial Identity Lies Between Including Everyone and Excluding Most Others
TaiJi and the Search For the Little Old Chinese Man : Pt 4

Sacred Spaces and Secret Places
TaiJi and the Search For the Little Old Chinese Man : Pt 3

5 Ingredients to a Martial Arts Culture
TaiJi and the Search For the Little Old Chinese Man : Pt 2

The Promise of Every Martial Arts Teacher
TaiJi and the Search For the Little Old Chinese Man : Pt 1

What’s at the Core of Your Martial Arts Training

What Would You See in the Early 20th Century?
A Day at Chinese Martial Art Examinations : 3 Parts

Mythologies of Martial Arts : 3 Parts

How Many Slaps Equal One Punch
3D Ranking of Violence – 3 Parts

Robbers, Kidnappers, Human Trafficking
Martial Arts in the News Training with Purpose

3 Level of Personal Research in Martial Arts : 2 Parts

Lion Dance and Research Theory in Martial Arts : 3 Parts

A Killing Art – 2 Parts
The Untold Story of TaeKwonDo

Enforcers and Bruce Lee
Secret Societies and Chinese Martial Arts Pt 3

Triads, Tongs and Gangs With Chinese Martial Arts
Secret Societies and Chinese Martial Arts Pt 2

The Role of KungFu in Organized Crime
Secret Societies and Chinese Martial Arts Pt 1

The Seedy Underside of Martial Art Spectacles
Its What Beneath the Surface

Traditional Martial Arts is more than Punch and Kick
Finding One’s Identity Thru Aikido : 2 Parts

Elements of Wing Chun Origin Story

Where, When and Who Comes Up With These Myths, and Why?
Finding One’s Identity Thru Aikido : Pt 1

8 Questions To Diagnose BullShitSu in Your Martial Arts

Ali vs Lee

Muhammad Ali
Bruce Lee Would Watch His Video’s

Reconstructing the History of Karate – 2 Parts

Lies I Have Told About Martial Artists

First Chronicled MMA Match in the US
8 Celebrities That Could Kick Your Ass

The Long Range of Wing Chun
Developing Students, Traditional Martial Art Students Maturation

Relevance of Traditional Martial Arts

Sarah Chang Interview
The Culture of Wushu

Traditional Martial Arts Shield

The Earliest Recorded Martial Artists

Mysticism and Realities of Iron Shirt QiGong

Martial Arts Trends

Dismissing Other Martial Arts

Rear Naked Choke
Peter Consterdine

Singapore : The Martial Arts Culture

Factors that Effect Moral Judgement

Baskez Martial Studies

Yoon Byung Training Partners

The GuoShu Institute

Martial Arts is a Privilege Wang Xiang Zhai

Combat Essay of Wang Xiang Zhai

Adam Hsu

QiGong Fighting Snake Oil

Lineage Society Martial Arts

Entanglements of Chinese Martial Art Lineages

General Qi Jiguang The Original Modern Martial Arts Manual

Martial Arts News

The Red Spears

The Martial Arts Year of 1928

Dim Mak

Strength Training in the Martial Arts

Empty Force Magic Martial Arts

Joe Rogan and Martial Arts

White Crane KungFu Pt 2
Sacred Creatures of Chinese Martial Arts

White Crane KungFu Pt 1 Cliffnotes Version

The Tiger
Sacred Creatures of Chinese Martial Arts

The Snake
Sacred Creatures of Chinese Martial Arts

The Ape
Sacred Creatures of Chinese Martial Arts

The Phoenix
Sacred Creatures of Chinese Martial Arts

The Praying Mantis
Sacred Creatures of Chinese Martial Arts

The Dragon
Sacred Creatures of Chinese Martial Arts

5 Lives Changed by Martial Arts

The Sash System

Brave Women in Martial Arts

The Wing Chun Wooden Dummy
The Making of What we Know Today

Transformational Martial Arts

The Boxer Rebellion
US Marines

Martial Art News

Body Guard and Bandits

Tai Ji Origin Stories
The Real Zhang SanFeng

Development of Pak Mei 
Follow the Martial Artist Develop, Use, Promote and Teach His Art

Martial Arts in Modern Movies and TV
The Men Behind the Camera

Zhong SongXi
5 Steps to Excellence in Chinese Martial Arts

Martial Arts Myth Shaolin Connection and History

Flow Like Water
Bringing Martial Arts Legends and Science Together

Modern Shaolin Monastery is Stirring Debate

Tang Hao Biography
First Chinese Martial Arts Historian

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Evolution of Hand Combat
Shaolin Monastery Pt 3

Monks and Violence
Shaolin Monastery Pt 2

History, Religion and Chinese Martial Arts
Shaolin Monastery Pt 1

The Chinese New Year
Legends and Martial Arts

General Yue Fei
Icon, Legend and Historical Leader

Deadliest Martial Arts Series

Marine Corp Martial Arts Program
Deadliest Martial Arts Series

Muay Thai 
Deadliest Martial Arts Series

Use Your Passion in Martial Arts
2 Stories of Men who Maximized Their Interest

Martial Arts Intentions and Routines

Iron Palm Icon : Shaolin Martial Arts Master
Biography Gu Ru Zhang

Art Yuey Wong
KungFu Pioneer in 1965

Lau Bun : Martial Arts Pioneer
Choy Li Fut To Bridge Era’s

David Ramsey
The TV Arrow Star

Finding Martial Arts in Mainland China Today
Documentary Film Following Fighters in China

Funakoshi : From China to Empty Hand
Karate and Martial Arts 3 Major Things He Changed in Karate

Gichin FunaKoshi
Father of Shotokan Karate

Cultural Halloween
Ghost Festival and Origins of Ninja History

Leung Kai
Ghosts and Choy Li Fut

Female Ninja Army : Sex, Religion, Martial Arts
Ninja Series

Legendary Ninja versus Legendary Warlord
Ninja Series

Ninjas as Hired Assassins
Ninja Series

Push Forces #3 ***

Push Forces #2 ***

Push Forces #1 ***

Gladiators, Martial Arts, Cinema Role in MMA
Exciting to get the Big Pay Day

JingWu Athletic Association
Did More than Keep KungFu Alive

How Does Meditation Fit Into Martial Arts?
10 Skills Developed in Martial Meditation

Martial Arts Effects South Texas
Justice comes Quick

Wu Shu : A Different Way to Survive
Jackie Chan and Starvation

Self Actualization
Being Your Best, When did it become part of Kung Fu?

Warrior Monks vs Woku Pirates
Young Shaolin Monkin the Summer of 1553

Doubt and Myth in Martial Arts
Studies of Culture and Intention

KungFu Arrives in Europe : 1851

15 Reasons Not to Meditate ***

Find the Common Denominator ***

Mortar For Bricks ***

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Bagua Cornerstones ***

*** Podcast of Tibetan KungFu

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