The Old Archer Warrior Meditation

Over the many years I had gathered various mediations. Some Taoist and Buddhist based. Tonight was the first time my 17 year old son asked if he could participate in the internal kungfu training.

When he was young he would practice seated versions, with basic breathing. But to explore the depths of the systems is something I never force on anyone. First it is very challenging. Second, it is the key to unlocking other doors, so if the student does want to do it, then I don’t have to teach it. Third, when one student sees a classmate start making this unusual progress and the only difference between the two is the Zham Zhuang, then they become more interested.

The Old Archer Warrior is an old Chinese story that shares the power of the mind as compared to simply the power of skill.

Would this be a meditation that you would like for me to video record for you all?

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