The New Breed of Martial Artist Pt 1-4

4 Solid Episodes on Our Modern Martial Artist’s

Chinese Martial Arts has a long history. The phrase for what we call ‘martial arts’ has changed over the centuries. In order to discuss it, we must understand what it is, to us, at this moment.

During this 4 part series you will hear arguments from world class professors on the why’s/why not’s to define the arts. Professor Judkins is going to provide a few gems of understanding that we can all practice applying to discussion and to our messaging in communicating to others, (including prospects).

Then we are going to follow the transition of 5 organizations of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts from its countryside heartbeat, to much later, the cities.

How / When / Where / Why, Step-X-Step did warrior training of Chinese Martial Arts begin to transform to physical education and sport? Join me on this remarkable journey through history and the countryside.

Listen to Part 1 : Swimming in QuickSand

Changing the Perspective in Martial Arts Study : A good listen

Train Like a Warrior in one of 5 Village Organizations

From Warrior Training to a National Treasure

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