KFP 034 – Tang Hao – First Martial Arts Historian

KFP 34 : First Published March 2015

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Tang Hao (Born 1897) is recoginized by most modern scholars as the first official Chinese Martial Arts Historian.  He was an :

Accomplished Martial Artist






Lineage Claim Buster

Myth Breaker

Magic Remover

Tang Hao is one of the polarizing and pivotal contributors to our understanding of Chinese Martial Arts culture and history. He was arrested by the government, hated by many martial artist that were spreading myths and using magical approaches to make profits.

In this Episode:

Primary Source: Agent of Action : Ben Judkins

Authored Book
During his life Tang Hao wrote several books. Here are some of his titles :

– Taiji Boxing and Neijia Boxing
– A study of Shaolin and Wudang

– Neijia Boxing
– Wong Wugogng Taiji Linking Saber
– The Lost Old Chinese Sword Method

– The Qi Fist Classic
– Essays of Hsinjen Residence
– Series on Qing Dynasty Archery

– A study of Chinese Sports Illustration
– A study of Chinese Martial Arts Illustration
– A study of “Secrets of Shaolin Boxing”

– A study of Emei School of Boxing


As Fredrick Wakeman’s Policing Shanghai

and SpyMaster : Da Li Secret Service,

Tang Hao Quiz

Here is your Q&A on Tang Hao.

#1 Tang Hao went to _____, where he learned law and political science, plus he observed how to integrate martial arts instruction into mainstream educational institutions.

#2 Bodhidharma brought Kung Fu to the Shaolin?

#3 Tang Hao’s research was so loosely done, that it can not be referenced in serious research.

#4 Chang Kai Sek’s Nationalist Party originally saw Tang Hao as _________.

#5 In the early 1900’s, the YMCA as a to organize and bring western sports into China.

#6 Tang Hao relentlessly ______.

Tang Hao fought against, magic, made-up lineage claims. He believed that martial arts should be divorced from magic, secrecy and operatic uses, rather they should be part of a practical, law enforcement and military training curriculum.

#7 In the early 1920’s, at the peak of the JingWu Movement, local schools hired martial artists to teach physical education?

#8 The Guoshu Institute, re-organized in 1928, then they appointed Tang Hao as a Section Chief.

#9 During the mid 1800’s-1920’s, rural youth would often use ________ as a means of social advancement and mobility?

#10 Tang Hao’s hallmark approach to martial arts emphasized ________


#11 Tang Hao’s call for Practicality included __________

1, 2 and 3

#12 The Chinese athletes wanted to boycott regional games in Japan, in the 1920’s, for political reasons. A team was sent to Japan anyway, led by ________. It was received with Boo’s and Ridicule.

#13 Douglas Wile, as Tang Hao did in 1920’s, presents a scholastic argument that Tai Ji was _____




Episode 34 : Tang Hao


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