KFP 034 – Tang Hao – First Martial Arts Historian

KFP 34 : First Published March 2015

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Tang Hao (Born 1897) is recoginized by most modern scholars as the first official Chinese Martial Arts Historian.  He was an :

Accomplished Martial Artist






Lineage Claim Buster

Myth Breaker

Magic Remover

Tang Hao is one of the polarizing and pivotal contributors to our understanding of Chinese Martial Arts culture and history. He was arrested by the government, hated by many martial artist that were spreading myths and using magical approaches to make profits.

In this Episode:

Primary Source: Agent of Action : Ben Judkins

Authored Book
During his life Tang Hao wrote several books. Here are some of his titles :

– Taiji Boxing and Neijia Boxing
– A study of Shaolin and Wudang

– Neijia Boxing
– Wong Wugogng Taiji Linking Saber
– The Lost Old Chinese Sword Method

– The Qi Fist Classic
– Essays of Hsinjen Residence
– Series on Qing Dynasty Archery

– A study of Chinese Sports Illustration
– A study of Chinese Martial Arts Illustration
– A study of “Secrets of Shaolin Boxing”

– A study of Emei School of Boxing


As Fredrick Wakeman’s Policing Shanghai

and SpyMaster : Da Li Secret Service,

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Episode 34 : Tang Hao

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