Sun Lu Tang Compilation

Thank you for supporting my work. The Sun Lu Tang series reveals how important it is to understand how he changed the course of Chinese Martial Arts.

Sun Lu Tang is a polarizing figure in Traditional Chinese Martial Arts history. He is revered by many, and absolutely dismissed by many well known martial artists. Why? Because he was as much a philosopher as he was a martial artists.This 5 part series takes you through the history, the myths and the direction changes, and how we are still coping with his impact. Enjoy


#1 KFP 132 : Changing the Course :

#2 KFP 133 : Child Abuse Leads Sun to Martial Arts

#3 KFP 134 : The Myth of Indoor Students

#4 KFP 135 : His Theoretical Legacy Outweighs His Martial Legacy

#5 KFP 136 : Martial Skill is NOT a ByProduct of Philosophy