Stillness, the Epitome of Strength

Occassionaly I am asked, “what is the most challenging are you teach?”. The answer has never changed, ‘it is the art that kept me in the Chinese Martial Arts. Zham Zhuang.’

Most never heard of it, of those that have, I would guess less than 20% practice it till they truely benefit. It is tiring, grueling, revealing and life changing. It is also pointless to try and explain it to someone who does not want to practice or have predetermined how they are going to learn, what can not.

“To understand speed, one must understand stillness”

Last night, I was watching a Season 2 episode of Arrow, where the William Tockman summed it succintly with a quote from ‘War and Peace’.

The strongest of all warriors are these two – time and patience.”

Tolstoy knew that, patience was the epitome of strength. It takes fortitude to stand still, just as it is a sign of weakness or cowardliness to move when you should of NOT.

Practice the strength of stillness and much more will be revealed.

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