TW. Smith is a leader in the Chinese Martial Arts and its application. Through many years of teaching law enforcement, military, and martial artists of nearly every style and system, Tim brings his unique understanding to share.  His academic research and open sharing has been available for years and is one of the most internationally popular programs in the martial arts genre.


One Listener describes Tim’s work as, “Where Martial Arts research meets Practical Martial Arts Teaching.”

Tim already teaches martial arts programming to numbers of KungFu, KarateKe, JuiJitsu and Aikido practitioners from around the world in seminars such as the ‘ShuriTe BuJutsu Kai’.

The approach to teaching practical applications are translated from a self protection perspective that abides to state laws, accepted continuums of force guidelines and maintaining the value of the Chinese Martial Arts.

Tim’s material and drills, focus on all aspects of the Chinese Martial Arts, which includes, grappling, striking, effective kicking, flow drills, conditioning and subduing your enemy.

Organizing Your Event

Putting together your event will be simple with the focus on bringing the greatest benefit to your group. To discuss the details, just contact Tim via email or phone.


“The training is excellent…” -Abraham Wesley

“Great school of gong fu, great teacher!” Paul Cote

“Sifu is exceptionally profound w/ his knowledge and wisdom of Qi, Kung Fu, meditation and life’s lessons.” – Marcus Horne

“The Choy Li Fut Bootcamp was a great workout with the right mix of principles, drills, conditioning and meditation.” – Larry Martin

“He shares his dedication, passion, and wisdom with everyone who wants to learn.” -Ryan McCann

Sample Topics

Bubishi : The Chinese Martial Arts Training Manual

Lama / Hop Gar : Hooking Techniques with Evasive Footwork

Lama / Hop Gar : 4 Principles of Lama Kung Fu

Lama / Hop Gar : 7 Star Footwork with Penetrating Techniques

Lama / Hop Gar : Cutting Techniques with Plum Flower Footwork

Lama / Hop Gar : Long Techniques to Short Techniques in Lama

Tai Chi Chuan : Striking with Power

BaGua Zhang : The Theory of BaGua in Striking, Kicking, Grappling and Subduing

Hsing Yi : 5 Element Techniques

Hsing Yi : Each Animal Has Intent : Tiger Leaping from the Mountain : The Deadly Roll of the Water Lizard : Snake Strikes in the Grass

Choy Li Fut : What a Choy Li Fut Man does.

Choy Li Fut : Combat Flow Pattern 1 – 7

Choy Li Fut : Palm Strikes With Sweeping Footwork

KungFu : Striking and Qin Na

KungFu : All Techniques Have a Distance