KFP 154 – Saving Traditional Judo 1

Saving Traditional Judo

“Judo was ‘Westernized’ sooner than the other Eastern Martial Arts when it became an Olympic sport. And it has been reduced to a “sport” ever since.”

Kevin Cavalcanti is a Traditional Judo instructor and a respected member of the academia.  He has written many books on martial arts, and is referenced by many.

You can find more of his work at:

Where can you find his work:


Gentle Ways.com

The episodes associated with his book, ‘The Tao of Judo” began because:

During this episode we will cover :

    • Why write the book?
    • The Tao Influence interpreting Judo
    • Sport Judo vs Traditional Judo
    • Jigoro Kano : Founder of Judo

Mentioned in this Episode:

Ando Mierzwa : Fight for a Happy Life

Paul Bowmen : Martial Myths

Ben Judkins : KungFu Tea

Iain Abernethy

Intwining Philosophy with the Chinese Martial Arts : Sun Lu Tang

Downloads Available

The Entire Tao of Judo Book is coming in Audio Format! For now, get the PDF :  Tao of Judo PDF (385 downloads)

Also get the : Zen Judo Handbook :  Zen Judo Handbook (354 downloads)

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