Dr. Kevin Tan

Reconstructing the History of Karate

Dr. Kevin Tan is a well respected cultural anthropologist and faculty member of SIM University. He will reconstruct Karate’s History from an anthropological approach and bring interesting questions to bare.

Every academic professional rake through the data as they are trained, unprejudiciously. Then they show what they have found with their tools. Anthropology is always brings new tools to the questions. Dr. Tan writes,

“Any scholarly attempt at retracing a history of karate must therefore require a non-insular and less exclusive defi- nitions of terms such as Japanese history, Japanese culture, and martial tradition. This is because any thorough reconstruction of karate’s history must inevitably require, as will be shown in this article, the necessary inclusion of a complex interplay of Okinawan, Japanese, Chinese, and Western colonizing discourses, all which play significant roles in furthering our understanding of karate’s historical and technical evolution.”

Dr. Kevin Tan

Login and Download this compilation with PDF attachments and consider the possibilities that Dr. Tan bares out.

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