KFP 151 – Power Up Your Martial Arts

See it in your Mind, Young Skywalker 

The power of visualization and imagination is outstanding. If you want to help a child hit a baseball, let him see, imagine it, even pretend to swing the bat while he does. Every sense that you can include enhances and deepens the experience.
You can apply it changing a habit or reaching a goal. In Chinese Martial Arts, they have a saying,
“Training of the Mind, Precedes Training of the Body”
If your mind can see, your body can find a way. Take a listen to KFP-151.
Application is representation of knowledge.

Imagery Training is part of nearly every elite athlete and soldiers training, going back for centuries.

Many martial artists will avoid, dismiss or even mock it’s critical place in one’s training.

In this episode learn how to use different types of imagery training. How to correct errors and reinforce success. You will also learn what to expect to gain in tangible results. How much work is it, and how much do you need.

Listen to KFP 151- Training the Mind

Based on ‘Agent of Action’ Peter Consterdine’s Article.

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"I get the feeling that Sifu Smith is an excellent Martial Artist and a teacher. His voice, in a soft North Carolinian accent is very soothing, despite the occassional mispronunciations here and there which he claims to be working on. I can tell that Sifu Smith makes a great effort to produce an entertaining and informative show."

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Listen to the advantages of using imagery training.

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