Mudra’s For Meditation Ebook

Hand Gestures have been used for centuries as a form of communication. Consider the simple prayer hand gesture, or a soldier salute to another, they are simply forms of communication.

In Martial Arts, we have several hand ‘gestures’ that are designed to communication respect or committment. Some of these are held as part of the practitioners meditation in Chinese Martial Arts.

Hand mudra’s can be thought of as simply gestures to encourage the practitioner into deeper practice. They can be as simple or as esceteric as you want to make them.

I found that ‘cataloging’ certain attributes through the form of a mudra was beneficial, though I may not practice a strict Taoist / Buddhist format each time.

In 2012, I compiled some of the mudra’s for a reference, and my students wanted copies. I decided I would provide this to you, as a thank you for the support.

Mudras For Meditation (202 downloads)

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