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Here is a list of some of the works in the KungFu Podcast Library which continues to grow every week.
Qualities scouts martial arts
KFP 159 : The No-Joke Martial Arts of the Original Boy Scouts The Master at Arms Series is an exploration
THE BRITISH ARMY ON THE WESTERN FRONT, 1914-1918 © IWM (Q 8515) The Traditional Martial Arts in WW1 : 1918
"See it in your Mind, Young Skywalker"  The power of visualization and imagination is outstanding. If you want to help
Deciphering The Martial Arts Training Manual Called the WuBeiZhi Returning the Bubishi to It's Chinese Roots : Pt 5 In
KFP and Patreon Members : Push Life Force #3 is the one that gives me the most success, or I