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There are forces that we recognize in our universe. Regardless of how far back you go in time, race or
A Listener wrote in to share a comment and question that I took time to consider. Working on both the
2 Cornerstones of Martial Mental Practice 1 Poison Originally Published Feb 2016 : Tibetan Kungfu Podcast #83.
Friends Like Ando Mierzwa made an excellent argument on the role that a franchise martial arts studio can make. I
Bonus Episode The Bonus Episode Audio and 14 Page PDF is available to be downloaded also at During the
The sciences clearly differentiate between action and movement. Martial Arts is by its very nature, social and action oriented, but
Coming In Part 2, The Pivotal Academic Debate Mentioned Joseph Needham and Paul Holcombe Popular Religion and Martial Arts Unifies
Tip of the Spear Episode This evaluates a heated debate in Chinese Martial Studies, among scholars, political scientists, ethnographic researchers,
Recently, there was a Twitter dialogue between Ando Mierzwa, Jamie Clubb, Richard Blejtlich, and myself, regarding self defense. It serves
Part 2 picks up where the Boy Scout Association authors are writing the chapter for the Martial Arts Badge.  Why