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I purchased some instructional props to help with visuals of footwork and timing. We will go through Tai Chi 48
To practice KungFu more regularly, I took a job near Fort Bragg at the Local Hospital. I recall an incident
Bricks for the Mortar
Original Podcast, Slideshow Video and PDF Download of my 2013 Podcast : "Mortar for the Bricks" My reflections of a
Training requires different environments, for serious training, we buckle up, pad up and go at it.  When learning something new,
Pick up at the end of set 1 with the Smooth the Stone transition to Single Whip - Diagonal Fan
These 3 episodes are the ones that hooked my son onto the program. These Ninjitsu historically based stories originally aired
This Tai Chi set is great for people who are just beginning because it is broken into 4 sections. It
Choy Li Fut is one of our core Chinese Martial Arts.  A practioner learns a mind-set, strategy and techniques to
Yip Man and Bruce Lee are iconic Wing Chun men, but they weren't the first to Recognized Nationally. The Chinese
Starting a journey into Chinese Martial Arts requires the development of a vocabulary, so that we can communicate and adjust.