KFP 171 – Martial Mind Over Muscle

Bonus Episode

The Bonus Episode Audio and 14 Page PDF is available to be downloaded also at Patreon.com/twsmith

During the 33 minute Bonus Episode, we are going to take the lesson of KFP 170 : Martial Action vs Movement and answer questions, for example :

  • How does motor resonance activate?
  • How do we utilize it?
  • What is the effect of Observatory Continuity to our ability to respond?
  • How do we train it?
  • What is a technique of a ‘Gentle Interrogation’?
  • What is a mental pre-emptive strike?

Episode Outline

  • My Dad Fights Off a German Sheppard
  • Wasting Motion
  • Shurite BuJutsu Kai Seminar
  • Define Motor Resonance in Performance
  • Motor Resonance Mind-Reading
  • Activating Mirror Neurons
  • The Cognitive Motor Funnel
  • Success Takes More Than Physical Skill
  • The 2 Systems for 1 Action
  • Body Language Transform from Movement to Action
  • Gentle Interrogation with Escape
  • Body Language Intro
  • Body Language 101
  • 5 Observatory Continuity Exercises (Audio Version)

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