KFP 1-25 Patreon Compilation

These first 25 Episodes have some great material and stories. I wish I had been a better podcaster at the time. Thank you if you have been through with me since the beginning. And Thank you if you are brave enough to go down the path from the start 🙂

Some of the content will stream to the original post, others are downloadable in zip bundles for now. I am working to make sure you have access to everything 🙂


If you are looking for KFP 26-99 Downloads

KungFu Arrives in Europe : 1851 :
Doubt and Myth in Martial Arts :
Warrior Monks vs Woku Pirates : Stream or zip

Download Zip 1-3

Self Actualization – Being Your Best, When did it become part of Kung Fu?
Wu Shu : A Different Way to Survive
Martial Arts Effects South Texas

Download Zip 4-6

How Does Meditation Fit Into Martial Arts?
Reflect on 1thru7 : Where on the Mountain are We?
JingWu Athletic Association
Gladiators, Martial Arts, Cinema Role in MMA / UFC

Download Zip 7-10

Ninjas as Hired Assassins
Ninja Zenjubo Marks Warlord Oda Nobunaga
Female Ninja’s Change the Options

Download Zip 11-13

Leung Kai – Ghosts and Choy Li Fut
Cultural Halloween – Ghost Festival and Origins of Ninja History

Download Zip 14-15

Gichin FunaKoshi : Father of Shotokan Karate
Funakoshi : From China to Empty Hand : KFP 17

Download Zip 16-17

Finding Kung Fu and Martial Arts in Mainland China Today
David Ramsey, JKD, Martial Arts, KungFu and Arrow : KFP 19

Download Zip 18-19

Lau Bun : Martial Arts Pioneer : KFP 20
Art Yuey Wong : KungFu Pioneer : KFP 21

Download Zip 20-21

Martial Arts – Karate – Kung Fu Christmas 
Iron Palm Icon : Shaolin Martial Arts Master : Gu Ru Zhang
Martial Arts Intentions and Routines : KFP 24
Muay Thai : Martial Art Wrapped in Culture and Adventure

Download Zip 21-25