KFP 1-25 Compilation

These first 25 Episodes have some great material and stories. I wish I had been a better podcaster at the time. Thank you if you have been through with me since the beginning. Enjoy the journey from from the start 🙂


Download All 25 in one Zip File

KungFu Arrives in Europe : 1851
Doubt and Myth in Martial Arts
Warrior Monks vs Woku Pirates
Self Actualization – Being Your Best, When did it become part of Kung Fu?
Wu Shu : A Different Way to Survive
Martial Arts Effects South Texas
How Does Meditation Fit Into Martial Arts?
Reflect on 1thru7 : Where on the Mountain are We?
JingWu Athletic Association
Gladiators, Martial Arts, Cinema Role in MMA / UFC
Ninjas as Hired Assassins
Ninja Zenjubo Marks Warlord Oda Nobunaga
Female Ninja’s Change the Options
Leung Kai – Ghosts and Choy Li Fut
Cultural Halloween – Ghost Festival and Origins of Ninja History
Gichin FunaKoshi : Father of Shotokan Karate
Funakoshi : From China to Empty Hand : KFP 17
Finding Kung Fu and Martial Arts in Mainland China Today
David Ramsey, JKD, Martial Arts, KungFu and Arrow : KFP 19
Lau Bun : Martial Arts Pioneer : KFP 20
Art Yuey Wong : KungFu Pioneer : KFP 21
Martial Arts – Karate – Kung Fu Christmas 
Iron Palm Icon : Shaolin Martial Arts Master : Gu Ru Zhang
Martial Arts Intentions and Routines : KFP 24
Muay Thai : Martial Art Wrapped in Culture and Adventure