Joe Rogan Criticism of Traditional Martial Artists

When this episode published in July 2015, I was becoming familiar with who Joe Rogan was. I don’t watch much MMA and even less stand-up comedy. I think Tim Allen was my last stand-up show, that was before his show ‘Tool Time’.

I learned that Joe Rogan speaks his mind, usually sharply and colorfully. His opinions are there for you and I must say, he usually has a case to argue. So when he leveled some comments on Martial Artists and one of the listeners asked what I thought, I had to get to know him.

After Listening

What can we Learn from the Criticism?
Don’t take it personally, unless you should take it personally?
Ignore False Criticism
Don’t respond immediately

Then ultimately i wondered, “Why is somebody else policing our backyard”? We shouldn’t need that.

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