KFP 177 – Jamie Clubb Interview

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Join us as we discuss:

I have gotten to know Jamie Clubb through a mutual martial arts friend, Iain Abernethy.  Through this time I have read and exchanged several notes with Jamie, however, this is my first time talking with him. He is in the UK, we coordinated a Skype call this past Sunday.

Join Us As We Discuss :

A Versatile Teaching Environment
The Importance of Creating a Voice
Extending One’s Knowledge Past Martial Arts
Exercise : Define Martial Arts Today

Also :
Future Review of Johnathon Bluestein’s Book : The Martial Arts Teacher When Teaching People to Escape, What are 2 things you must emphasize?

Let Jamie know that you appreciate him joining us by going to his facebook ( https://m.facebook.com/ClubbChimera/ )  or twitter ( https://twitter.com/clubbchimera )

Jamie’s consistency and excellent work is what made him one of KungFu Podcasts ‘Agents of Action‘.B

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