How to Use Enhanced Podcasts

An enhanced podcast has special features built into it, that you can access while you listen. For Example, images may stream that are part of the story, links to books, or chapter settings, so that you can move through the podcast at your leisure.

To get to enhanced content:

Native Apple Ios Podcast App: ios 11/12

  1. Start playing the podcast
  2. Click on it, so it is in full screen
  3. Slide your finger up, dragging the content upward
  4. If it is ‘Enhanced’ you will see ‘Description’ and ‘Chapters’
  5. If not, you will see ‘Episode Notes’

If  you are deciding on a podcast app, here is a recommendations:

Pocket Cast : Ios Android

Also, this is an article on some of the Best 2018 Podcast Applications on Android and Apple