High Intensity Weight Training

Most Martial Artist’s HATE to Fail. It is like vinegar on baking soda.. it just causes an ugly reaction.. However, if we don’t fail at least 20% of the time, we are not working hard enough and not pushing our boundaries.

Once a week, I use my weight training regimen to push my intensity levels to a crash point. You can use machines, free-weights or body weight exercises.

The key is switch up the area’s that you hit during the 3 bundled exercises. For example, my workout today went as follows :

  • Yoga – 10 min Warmup
  • Elliptical – 12 min at 70%-85% of APMHR
  • Bundle Set 1 : 12-15 Reps : No Rest Between
  • ChinUps – Leg Press – Bench – 10-25 Abs
  • Rest 1 minute then Repeat Bundle 1
  • Bundle Set 2
  • Dmb Pullover – Front Lunges – Bentover Dmb Row – Abs
  • Rest 1 minute then Repeat Bundle 2
  • Bundle Set 3
  • Tricep Pushdowns – Dmb Lateral Raises – Bicep Curls
  • Rest 1 minute then repeat Bundle Set 3
  • Usually I am on a knee by the end
Chin Ups Are Essential – But Wow, are they tough

This routine helps you push those thresholds (anaerobic, will, persevere, self-consciousness) to a place that we are reminded that :

Sometimes Surviving is the Testimony To Success!

The following week, change the exercises, just keep in mind to change between the directly targeted areas and push through.

Your time to train can sometimes be limited, and sometimes we don’t always have a partner to push us, but that is no reason not to establish a routing that pushes you to the crash point.

Have A Fantastic Workout!!

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