The Father of Close Quarter Combat

William Fairbairn has long been recognized as one of the most influential martial artists in history.  Perhaps not by the academics, but my several countries, battles and armies, he is one of the best that has ever lived.

In original episodes KFP 138 and 139, published in August 2017, I take us through the journey of his military career, the incredible life changes that nearly got him killed and sought out martial arts, then how he began changing a city that was infested with the worse criminal element that is recorded in modern history.

Trained police officers chose to stay and work against Al Capone, than go work with William Fairbairn and his elite force.

Then he retires and takes on a new status, training some of the most incredible agents that the world has seen to disrupt Adolph Hitler.

Included are the two original episodes, plus another 40 minute extra on the life of the Father of Close Quarter Combat, William Fairbairn.

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