Father of Close Quarter Combat

In August 2017, I had two podcasts on William Fairbairn.  These have been Re-Mastered as Enhanced Podcasts with over 70 Chapters / Images / Links embedded in it.  If you are not sure how to get the most of your podcast player, then check out this page.

Part 1 : Starts at 00:00 Young Fairbairn Joins Royal Marines then ShangHai Riot Squads, Martial Arts as part of training

Part 2 : Starts at 21:25 : Becomes one of the best, the techniques and theories of the Fairbairn System

Part 3 : Starts at 36:00 : Joins the Fight Against Hitler, and continues to grow into Legendary Status.


It was also converted to a Youtube Video, so you can watch it right here.

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