Dragon of Change

Hi, I am very excited about the months to come, there are changes brewing in many directions of my life.  My son’s wrestling season is getting ready to begin and several of my students have blood and sweat invested in his upcoming season.

An incredible hospital system recruited me to be the Clinical Program Manager for handling their patients and to make sure a Continuum of Care is created and executed.

The Shurite JiuJitsu Kai Seminars are coming up, and I will teach on topics of Llama Pai / Hop Gar, HsingI and perhaps a Taoist Zham Zhuang exercise. 

The Dragon of Change has been swirling, and I feel great about being mounted in the Saddle.   For several reasons,

1) Changes that happen which positively impact the greater good, are to be embraced.

2) Weeds the Garden, we let go of somethings to grab ahold of others.  

3) New opportunities are almost a certainity.

What Does That Mean For Us?

Perhaps the first thing that has developed, now that the dust has settled, are new resources.  I am in direct contact with over 400 Physicians that are potential interview and reference resources in regards to health related and martial art topics.

The second thing that appeared are physical resources.  I can now setup a camera with incredible angles and give you the quality of material for training I had wanted.  Previously, I had tried recording outside with mixed results.

Thirdly is a new level of streamlining.  In the weeks to come Patreon’s are going to find Immediate access to volumes of pdfs, audio and video.  These will be direct dropbox links that will allow you to download and use.  This has been a relatively new discovery, and I am excited about sharing with you.

Up Next

Later today you are going to have access to either/both a video and audio of “Separate From the Pack”, 8 Additional Attributes.  

This also includes the ‘Tip of the Spear’ to making anything step up a notch, martial arts, being a mom or dad, or better opportunities at work.

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