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In August 2017, I had two podcasts on William Fairbairn.  These have been Re-Mastered as Enhanced Podcasts with over 70
If your intent is to practice using your Jian, as a weapon, which according to Chen Weiming, is to use
2017 Martial Arts Studies Conference Keynote Making Martial Arts Studies Matter : Dr. Ben Judkins During this presentation : Ben
"I had the opportunity to listen to this episode on the way to work this morning and it was a
Here is a list of some of the works in the KungFu Podcast Library which continues to grow every week.
During this Episode, Commanding the Physical Confrontation, I will cover: Define a Physical Confrontation Approaches to Physical Encounter 5 Fundamentals
Audience Correspondence is something that I will occassionaly do as part of our regular program. In this episode, FeedBack on
May 2015, I received an email from a young man, who was taking heat for being a Christian that practices
"One Can Not Progress in Traditional Martial Arts, at the Expense of Others" In case you missed Part 1 In
Saving Traditional Judo "Judo was 'Westernized' sooner than the other Eastern Martial Arts when it became an Olympic sport. And