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Archery was an Assessment of one's Character. It has implications to your martial art testing and pursuits. Do You align
The Martial Arts Teacher Review of Martial Arts : Johnathon Bluestein 2017 Work Available for Supporting Members : Monday, June
Bonus Episode : Picking up on an additional 6 more thresholds of Real Empowerment.  In this episode : Quick Refresher of
Part 1 : Empowerment is a trendy topic these days. However trendy as it is, empowerment is a real concern
Tasha has a remarkable origin story that started her down the path of Martial Arts. They include betrayal of a
5 Day Early Release for Members at : Patreon/twsmith Public Release : Friday - 4/5/19 Before Noon Join us as
In Recent Episodes we looked at where you would find a Chinese Martial Artist during the Ming Dynasty.  During this
Bringing the Chinese Martial Arts into the path of the Social Landscape during the Imperial Period. Martial Arts isn't a
Your Map to Navigating the Martial Arts Historical Landscape Based on Professor Ben Judkins Essay: The Soldier, the Marketplace Boxer
Most Doctors and Therapists can not differentiate a Martial Artist from an MMA or Football Player. What makes us different?