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The last 90 days have been filled with extraordinary life changes. With anyone of them being significant, much less having
We will find ourselves grouped in every aspect of our lives, classrooms, work places, and in our personal relationships. For
Sept 2019 Marked the passing of Brian L. Kennedy. His work has been referenced here many times, and by many
A Lady was being treated poorly. One weekend at a martial arts seminar, and her expectation of a man's conduct
Archery was an Assessment of one's Character. It has implications to your martial art testing and pursuits. Do You align
The Martial Arts Teacher Review of Martial Arts : Johnathon Bluestein 2017 Work Available for Supporting Members : Monday, June
Bonus Episode : Picking up on an additional 6 more thresholds of Real Empowerment.  In this episode : Quick Refresher of
Part 1 : Empowerment is a trendy topic these days. However trendy as it is, empowerment is a real concern
Tasha has a remarkable origin story that started her down the path of Martial Arts. They include betrayal of a