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KFP 142 : Bubishi Pt 3: Chinese Martial Arts Training Manual

During this 3rd episode of the series we are going to look into a newly discovered version of the Bubibshi. Different in a few ways, but similar enough that it is proved to be authentic.

For years we thought there were only a few students in class that shared their manuscript, which later was edited into the Bubishi.

Rather than being a copy of previous versions, it looks like this author was sitting in the class with the other students.

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"I get the feeling that Sifu Smith is an excellent Martial Artist and a teacher. His voice, in a soft North Carolinian accent is very soothing, despite the occassional mispronunciations here and there which he claims to be working on. I can tell that Sifu Smith makes a great effort to produce an entertaining and informative show."

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