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KFP 142 : Bubishi Pt 3: Chinese Martial Arts Training Manual

During this 3rd episode of the series we are going to look into a newly discovered version of the Bubibshi. Different in a few ways, but similar enough that it is proved to be authentic.

For years we thought there were only a few students in class that shared their manuscript, which later was edited into the Bubishi.

Rather than being a copy of previous versions, it looks like this author was sitting in the class with the other students.

Fantastic Content

"The candor of TW. Smith on his approach to Gong Fu.. his fearlessness in pronunciation of Chinese words and names. The interviews have depth and are fascinating. I appreciate that Sifu Smith doesn't gloss over the details, is gritty and has the heart/mind to get real pictures of what it is like to study with various Master's and the nature of the transmissions."

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