KFP 132 – Sun Lu Tang

Pt 1: The Biography and Impact of Sun Lu Tang

The Chinese Martial Arts served many goals and objectives for centuries, but wasn’t really associated with health until the early to mid 1900’s. At approximately the same time that Japanese arts were making the same transition.

In KFP 132 – part one of this 5 part series, we will lay the foundation to this transition and prepare the path for injecting philosophy into martial arts.

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Transmission of Knowledge in Traditional Martial Arts

2 thoughts on “KFP 132 – Sun Lu Tang

  1. Hi Sifu

    I started listening to your podcasts a few weeks back and I enjoyed them very much, they are informative , very well documented and presented. Keep it up as they are very beneficial a for all the Martial Arts practitioners (I am a Karateka myself).

    One thing I noticed is that I could not listen to any older podcasts than episode 134 and that your website is still under construction

    Thank you

    1. Hi, I have been going another major upgrade here at KFP. Thank you for the kind words. I hope all the dust settles soon.

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