KFP 144 – Bubishi Pt 5: Deciphering the Chinese Training Manual

Deciphering The Martial Arts Training Manual Called the WuBeiZhi

Returning the Bubishi to It’s Chinese Roots : Pt 5

In the last episode of the series,

We will pick up on Shoufa and KouJue, Chinese Martial Art’s Training Concepts and Terms. Where the internal and external come together.
then I will summarize the 5 episodes.</ul>

Fantastic Content

"The candor of TW. Smith on his approach to Gong Fu.. his fearlessness in pronunciation of Chinese words and names. The interviews have depth and are fascinating. I appreciate that Sifu Smith doesn't gloss over the details, is gritty and has the heart/mind to get real pictures of what it is like to study with various Master's and the nature of the transmissions."

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  1. Thank you for releasing and sharing this knowledge. I always had questions about the Bubishi since the late 90s. I will pick up the updated on and the Wing Chun book you recommended.

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