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KFP 143 – Bubishi Pt 4: Ryukyu House and Martial Arts : WuBeiZhi

Listen The Ryukyu House and Martial Arts

Return the Bubishi to Its Chinese Roots : Pt 4

During this 4th episode of the WuBeiZhi, Martial Arts Training Manual series we are going to look into :

Ch 2 Contents and Structure of the Bubishi
Illustrated Manual of Acu-points on the Bronze Statue). The book illustrates all the meridians and the appropriate acu-points

Ch 3 titled: Revere Heaven, Emulate the Ancestors
Ch 4 : The Ryukyu House
Ch 5 : Crane formation

Introduce Chinese Martial Arts terms : shoufa and kouju, and begin deciphering Chinese text.

A Diamond in the Rough

"Of the few Martial Arts Podcasts I listen to on a regular basis, I really appreciate the careful attention to the historical accuracy and the obvious large amount of research that he puts into each episode. The dedication to quality content makes KungFu Podcasts stand out."

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