Agents of Action

‘Agents of Action’ are people who have motivated me, encouraged me, and supported KungFu Podcasts with their efforts.  These are Martial Artists that you can count on to have a sincere interest in your path, regardless of the style you practice.

Most importantly, these are people that want you to have a meaningful experience in your martial arts journey.

iain abernethy and tw smith 2017 franklin

I created an Agents of Action+ Video Playlist page, plucking videos on various topics and perspectives.

‘Agents of Action’

Iain Abernethy :

Ben Judkins : Chinese Martial Studies


Paul Bowman : Cardiff University

Jamie Clubb : Clubb Chimera


Kai Morgan : Budo Inochi

DS. Farrer : University of Guan

Peter Consterdine: World Combat Association

Kevin Tan : University of Singapore