KFP 189 – 5 Attributes To Get in Front of The Pack

We will find ourselves grouped in every aspect of our lives, classrooms, work places, and in our personal relationships. For many people, to rise to the top, and to separate themselves from others, they may have :

  • Extra-ordinary Talent
  • Exceptional resources, such as money
  • Political advantages, such as a special relationship.

In this episode you are going to learn about 5 Attributes that will pull you to the top, separate from the pack, and they require :

  • No Extra Talent
  • No Extra $
  • No Political Advantages

Are You Coachable?

You are also going to learn about 2 groups of individuals that need coaching, and will improve with coaching. However, there is ‘1 Trait that will make you absolutely Un-Coachable‘, regardless of the group you are in.

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