3D Ranking of Violence Compilation

The 3D Ranking of Violence Compilation is extraordinarily informative. Did you know that the act of a ‘HeadButt’ is the equivalent of ‘Throwing Acid’ on someone.

How many Slaps = 1 Punch?

In the eyes of the law, in the eyes of your peers, and internationally, there are some amazing similarities.

During this series, we will delve into international research of the Ranking of 8 Violent Acts, across multiple countries.

You see how laymen Rank Violence in the 3 Realms of :

  • Direct Ranking of 8 Act
  • Trading Off of the 8 (How many slaps for 1 punch)
  • Compensation Rank (What does the Jury compensate victims)

In case you missed the freely accessible 3D Ranking of Violence Part 1 :

Part 2 : Researching Violence

Part 3 : Repercussions

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