KFP 162 – Show, Don’t Tell

2017 Martial Arts Studies Conference Keynote

Making Martial Arts Studies Matter : Dr. Ben Judkins

During this presentation : Ben is speaking to large group of academics, on topics such as:

What are the role of academics in the field of martial artists?

Which researchers came before this group of researchers, and field?

What roles will the martial arts academics play in the institutions?

What potential impact can martial arts research play to society and organized sub-groups?

Strategic Factors Academia’s will need to take in order to move forward.

This is an International group of scholastic academics that are bringing their skills and forensic level research capabilities to martial arts, and have traveled across countries to participate in this Martial Arts Studies Conference.

Ben shares, what makes Martial Arts Matter to 3 distinct individual types that he identifies in his presentation.  One of which he says, ‘that’s beyond my pay grade.’

What if an University Institution wanted to house a Martial Arts Program today, get your minor in Martial Arts Studies? What can academia expect to struggle with? Interesting responses from academics of various fields that have encountered various forms of resistance, today.

At the end, Ben takes on a question from a non-academia, a practicing martial artist, that has direct implications to many of us in the field.


I created a PDF so that you can see the images that Ben references during the podcast, if you like :

KFP-162 2017 Ben Judkins Martial Studies (7 downloads)

You can also watch the Youtube version at:

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