KFP 145 – 12 Factors That Affect Swift Responses

12 Factors That Affect Your Ability to Act Swiftly

Many things affect a Martial Artist’s ability to act successfully, consider the nuances:

    • You know your objective
    • Your techniques are appropriate for meeting the objective

Your Ability To Act Swiftly

Much easier said than done. In this podcast, based on an article by Agent of Action Peter Consterdine of the World Combat Association that is title the ‘One Yard Rule and the Egg Timer’,

I walk you through 12 Factors that WILL affect your ability to act swiftly. I took Peter’s fantastic article, and then looked for the outside references to prosecute and defend the points made. I believe that you will find this an informative listen.

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12 Factors That Affect Your Swift Martial Responses (4 downloads)


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