Martial Mind Over Muscle

Bonus Episode for February 2019

The Bonus Episode Audio and 14 Page PDF is available to be downloaded directly on your device with your personalized link at

During the 33 minute Bonus Episode, we are going to take the lesson of KFP 170 : Martial Action vs Movement and answer questions, for example :

  • How does motor resonance activate?
  • How do we utilize it?
  • What is the effect of Observatory Continuity to our ability to respond?
  • How do we train it?
  • What is a technique of a ‘Gentle Interrogation’?
  • What is a mental pre-emptive strike?

Episode Outline

  • My Dad Fights Off a German Sheppard
  • Wasting Motion
  • Shurite BuJutsu Kai Seminar
  • Define Motor Resonance in Performance
  • Motor Resonance Mind-Reading
  • Activating Mirror Neurons
  • The Cognitive Motor Funnel
  • Success Takes More Than Physical Skill
  • The 2 Systems for 1 Action
  • Body Language Transform from Movement to Action
  • Gentle Interrogation with Escape
  • Body Language Intro
  • Body Language 101
  • 5 Observatory Continuity Exercises (Audio Version) Video Coming

If you prefer to just get this one time Bonus Episode and not receive regular audio, video and behind the scenes up dates with my Patreon/twsmith direct feed to your devices, then you can also get it, Just Buy Me A Coffee for the work.

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