3 Paths to Authentic Chinese Martial Arts – Pt 1

Your Map to Navigating the Martial Arts Historical Landscape

Based on Professor Ben Judkins Essay:

The Soldier, the Marketplace Boxer and the Recluse: Mapping the Social Location of the Martial Arts in Late Imperial China.

Episode Quiz:

#1 Imperial China usually includes at a minimum, the :

#2 A primary reason that martial artist may disagree about what is ‘authentic’, is because :

#3 During the Ming Dynasty, life in the city ….

#4 The Cult of Piety represented _______

#5 The Revival of the Recluse Path was a description of ______

#6 Due to Social Movement Returning to City Life

#7 Clan Militia’s existed during the Ming, _____

#8 Skilled Martial Artists could find work as ____



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